n Tribute to Malcolm X on the 56th Anniversary of His Assassination: A Mass Action Coalition to Jail Killer Cops

Malcolm X: The Fight Against Killer Cops And Brutality Then And Now

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You are cordially invited to attend our Monday, February 22, 7 pm Eastern webinar entitled Malcolm X: the Fight Against Killer Cops and Brutality: Then And Now. Sponsored by the Mass Action Coalition to Jail Killer Cops, and held on the weekend of the 56th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination, panelists and discussions will highlight the protest actions Malcolm X organized in New York City and Los Angeles in response to the police killings of Black men.

Recordings of Malcolm’s speeches in 1969 on the US army base of Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, inspired African American, Puerto Rican, as well as Caucasian soldiers to join together and form “GIs United Against the War in Vietnam.” We’ll discuss what today’s movement against police brutality can learn from past struggles. Despite some setbacks, our movement has won important victories. Not least among them is the recent US Supreme Court decision to eliminate “qualified immunity” as a shield to protect cops and government officials from criminal prosecution. This is huge, as the decision was won following millions of Black, Latino, Caucasian, and others mobilizing against killer cops after the murder of George Floyd.

In addition, a few more police officers are being charged, fired and jailed, and cases have been reopened in Seattle and Los Angeles. True, the movement has been derailed by wrong-headed tactics which have made it easier for the rulers to slander and even murder some of us in retaliation for our organizing. And others have been framed up. But our movement against killer cops is nowhere near dead. Let’s really publicize the February 22 webinar. Please commit your organization to join us. Four demands around which we are fighting are: Jail Killer Cops!; Reopen all closed cases of police killings and brutality!; No “qualified immunity” for killer cops!; and No special rights for the police! Yours in struggle, Aislinn Pulley, Co-executive director of Chicago Torture Justice Center, Black Lives Matter August Nimtz, Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota Tia Kurtisnger-Edison, a leader of the movement to win Justice for Breonna Taylor, Secretary, Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Ike Nahem, Retired union railway engineer, organizer of Cuba Si, US-Cuban International Conference for Normalization Cleve Andrew Pulley, a coordinator, Mass Action Coalition to Jail Killer Cops, a founder of GIs United Against the War In Vietnam, unjustly fired DC Walmart worker, member of UFCW 400

Mass Action Coalition To Jail Killer Cops

Email iaandrewp@juno.com

Phone 240-390-5743

Aislinn Pulley, Co-executive director of Chicago Torture  Justice Center, BLM
August Nimtz, Professor of Political Science University of Minnesota,

Tia Edison, Secretary of Kentucky Alliance Against Racist, and Political Repression, Breonna fight for justice,

Cleve Andrew Pulley, GI’s United Against the War in Vietnam, a coordinator of Mass Action Coalition to Jail Killer Cops.

Erin Feely-Nahem, LMSW, is a long-time advocate for domestic violence survivors and activist in the movement to end the US blockade of Cuba. In 2013-14, as head of the Roosevelt Island, NYC Public Safety Committee, Erin led a successful mass community struggle against police brutality and abuses.

Azza Rojbi, North African social justice and anti-racism activist, author of the book “U.S. & Saudi War on the People of Yemen” and coordinator of Friends of Cuba Against the U.S. Blockade

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